June 1 , 2017

Martha Washington Garden Club

All are welcome to our events, you do not have to be a member to join us.

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Garden Tour of private gardens in Lower Makefield Township and surrounding  areas . Martha Washington Garden Club Garden Walk
Tour Yardley & Morrisville gardens
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Meet at Lower Bucks Masonic Hall
 Edgewood Road, Yardley
9:15 am on 6/14/17 to purchase ticket and map
$20 per person
facebook: Martha Washington Garden Club Bucks County
Proceeds benefit Scholarship fund and community projects
A 501(c)3 organization


Scholarships offered
The Jane Parr Scholarship and Martha Washington Garden Club Scholarships
are $2000 scholarships given annually to students majoring in
horticulture, landscape architecture, forestry, conservation,
floraculture , turf management, organic farming, conservation wildlife management, Dairy and Crop Science, or any related field. The scholarship is given in memory of Jane Parr, a former MWGC member . Please check our website, or contact Arlene Gordon  at to apply or call her at 215 493 6058. Applicants must reside or be attending college in PA, NJ, Delaware, Maryland, or surrounding areas of the Northeast.




 An article on Ikebana featuring club member Lynn Lee was in the current Issue of PHS Grow magazine. . Article by Laura Brandt






2017 Sustainability Yard Tour hosted by Biodiversity in Suburbia. 


 Private yards and gardens in and around the Morrisville/Yardley area that focus on Native plants, no pesticides, butterflies, birds, and other wonderful creatures! .

 When: Saturday, July 17th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


The 2017 Sustainability Yard Tour is a free, family friendly, self-guided tour of eco-friendly living spaces, gardens and urban farms.  Tour sites showcase a range of green practices, including low impact lawn care, use of recycled and upcycled items, native plants, edible perennials, urban homesteading, composting, bee and chicken keeping and rainwater management and conservation!  


Yard descriptions and maps will be available online and at select locations prior to the tour beginning in July. Or you can begin the tour that day at 227 West Franklin Ave in Morrisville, .


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Ongoing Native Plant sale at  Churchville Native Plant Sale, 501 Churchville Rd,  Churchville Rd, Churchville, PA daily 10 - 5



 A helpful WHAT TO PLANT list to attract the most birds and butterflies at this link , supplied by Dr. Doug Tallamy

What to Plant list


An App from Cornell to ID Your Bird Photos

That's right: our Merlin Bird ID app just got an upgrade that analyzes photos on your phone and offers bird ID suggestions. Just snap a photo or choose one from your photo library, answer a couple of questions, and Merlin will offer smart suggestions about what North American species it might be. Read more at eBird or download Merlin free for your iOS or Android device and try it out.


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Penn State Extension offers a great monthly electronic gardening newsletter.  To see the information in the newsletter, go here: .  To receive the newsletter by email, just click on the link under Subscribe.  One may unsubscribe at any time. 





With the spring growing season approaching, look for signs of drought stress on your trees and shrubs















  As gardeners, we must all be aware of and take precautions to prevent Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne diseases. The CDC has made some recommendations, many can be found on their website.
Lee-Ann Gordon, RN , recommends the folllowing precautions .
Spray your skin with an all natural product , one is call BUG Off. It is a combination of natural oils, including Lemon Oil, It needs to be applied every hour for the best protection. Do not use Deet on your skin. You can order permethrin spray online to treat your clothes, it lasts through many washings. One product is Sawyer Spray.  There is also a company that will wash your clothes in a permethrin wash for you. Info at or you can check the CDC website.
When outside, wear clothes that fit tightly around your ankles. When coming indoors, put clothes in the dryer on hot for one hour to kill any ticks you may have brought in on your clothes.
check for more tips.


Club Member Connie Fairchild  spoke about bird feeders , and how to save money by purchasing feeders that keep out squirrels and Grackles. One recommended feeder is called a Brome  squirrel buster Brome feeder. It has a lifetime factory warranty. Hummingbirds will enjoy nectar from a Hummzinger Hummingbird feeder, complete with an integral ant trap.. You can also add an ant Trap  to your existing hummingbird feeder . Do not use dye in the hummingbird feeder, and do not use commercial nectars. Nectar is easily made with one part sugar to 4 parts water. Be sure to keep your feeders clean with a 10 percent solution of bleach to prevent mold.
. Do not feed suet to the birds when the temperature is over 70 degrees, it coats their feathers and can coat their eggs in the nest. .
Connie's homemade suet recipe
1/2 block lard or 1 Cup
2 C chunky peanut butter
3 c quick oats
3 c corn meal
thistle/sunflower seeds, etc





Penn State Extension
offers a great monthly electronic gardening newsletter.  To see the information in the newsletter, go here: .  To receive the newsletter by email, just click on the link under Subscribe.  One may unsubscribe at any time. 


The Penn State Extension Master Gardeners do not share their emailing list with anyone! 

















Tours to Enjoy

 all welcome



Starr Tours 2016
Garden Related One Day Tours
Leaving from Yardley Park & Ride

Longwood Gardens Holiday Tour
Date: Saturday 12/10/16
Departure time: 10am
Return time: 8pm
Location:  Yardley Park & Ride
Cost: $89.95 per person, lunch is not provided








All are welcome to our events. We meet the fourth Wednesday of every month Sept- May at the Lower Bucks Masonic  Hall, 1600 Edgewood Rd, Yardley 

membership is available at any meeting for $30 per year. , Guest fees are $5 per lecture, and vary with other events. See our website for more details.
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