Monthly Little Shows





February Little Show    




1.      “Hearts” - a small creative design. Designer’s

        choice of plant material. Scale is important. Must be

        no larger than 8″ high x 8″ wide x 8″ deep.


2.      “Fun with Foliage” - Traditional Line Mass. No

        flowers allowed. Choice of fresh and or dried plant






             Class 1:  House Plantsnot to exceed 6″ pot

                            a. Blooming

                             b. Foliage


             Class 2:   Succulents

                             a. Cacti

                             b. Other succulents


             Class 3:  African Violets

                             a. Single flower – any color

                             b. Double flower – any color


             Class 4:  Orchids – Not to exceed 8″ pot


             Class 5:  Forced Bulbs

                             a. Amaryllis

                             b. Any other bulb

March Little Show



      1. “Springtime Bonnet” – an artistic Craft Design.

            Designer’s choice of plant material incorporating a

            bonnet or hat.


       2. “March Winds” - a creative design showing motion.

            Fresh and or dried plant material may be used.






      Class 1:  Daffodil – one bloom

                           a. Yellow/gold colors

                           b. Pink colors


      Class 2:  Any other spring bulb – 1 to 3 blooms              


      Class 3:  Flowering branch - 12″ to 24″ (can be forced)


      Class 4:  Early blooming tulips


April Little Show




1.      Only God Can Make a Tree” - a Mono-Botanic

        Design. A creative design using parts of a specific

        species of tree (such as pine, maple, dogwood, etc.)


2.      “April Showers” - an Underwater Design. Some or all

        plant material to be submerged in water to create






             Class 1:  Tulip (Tulipa) – one bloom


             Class 2:  Daffodil – one bloom

                            a. Standard size (over 2 inches)

                                1. Yellow/gold colors

                                2. Pink colors

                            b. Small size (under 2 inches)


             Class 3:  Any other spring flower – one stem


             Class 4:  Flowering Branch – 12″ to 24″       

                            a. Shrub

                            b. Tree

May Little Show        




1.      “Let’s Dance Around the Maypole” - create a   

  Mobile Design using flowers and ribbons. 

                    Frames will be available from which to suspend

                    your design.


2.      “Make a Child Smile” - a Creative Design using a






              Class 1:  Iris

                             a. Bearded – one bloom

                             b. Beardless – one bloom (Japanese and  


                              c. Crested – one bloom

                              d. Any other type – one bloom


              Class 2:  Peony

                              a. Single –one bloom

                              b. Double – one bloom


              Class 3:  Azalea – one spray – 6″ to 15″ – any color


              Class 4:  Rhododendron – one bloom – any color


              Class 5:  Any other spring flower